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Basic information

PH- monitoring is recognized as a gold standard test in a reflux disease diagnosing. There is a possibility of doing basic PH monitoring or impedance-PH monitoring, which gives more detailed image of an examination.

Impedance-PH monitoring is offered only as a private examination.

Basic PH monitoring can be done in frame of NFZ contract or as a private examination.

The examination can be conducted with disposable or multi-use probe.


For whom?

PH monitoring is dedicated for patients with suspected gastroesophageal reflux disease (or for those treated for GERD in order to confirm it and evaluate impedance).

Among symptoms of reflux can be:

  • stomach aches
  • heartburn
  • vomit
  • chest pain
  • decreased appetite
  • lack of weight gain
  • anaemia
  • recurrent respiratory tract infections
  • continuous hawking
  • dental caries


What is a difference between Ph monitoring and impedance-PH monitoring?

24-hour PH monitoring is an examination that records PH in a distal part of the oesophagus, right above the cardia. It detects episodes when stomach acid comes up from the stomach into the oesophagus, so called reflux.

24-hour impedance-PH monitoring is an examination which can diagnose both episodes of reflux and impedance changes. Impedance monitoring determines changes in electrical resistance caused by reflux disease. Impedance monitoring can help to evaluate reflux, its composition (acid, weak-acid, non-acid), character (liquid, gaseous, mixed) and range.


How long does the examination take?

The examination continues for 22-24 hours.


When the results are known?

A patient will get results of an examination with its description up to 14 days from an examination. Patients can pick up their results in NZOZ INTER-MED’s registration desk.


How can you make an appointment for an examination?

Call +48 787 65 39 80 and make an appointment.


Note! Patients of Gastroenterology Clinic can make PH monitoring in framework of NFZ contract. A referral can be given by our gastroenterologist. For more information call: 48 34 324 55 26

We recommend to get the gastroenterologist’s consultation in our Clinic before an examination.

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