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Preparing for an examination

This examination do not need special preparations. To avoid vomiting during putting a probe in you should not eat 6 hours before the examination. It is recommended to suspend using of proton-pump inhibitors for six days before the examination. Other medications influencing production of gastric acid and prokinetic drugs for 2 days before the examination and neutralizing medications for 24 hours before the test. You should inform your doctor about all medications taken and follow his advice concerning their use before the examination.

Examination Description

After local anaesthesia of nose and throat mucosa membrane with gel or aerosol, a probe made of synthetic material with measuring electrode on the top is inserted through a nostril to oesophagus. The probe has 2 mm in diameter. A working electrode is placed in the end part of oesophagus, 5 cm above its lower oesophageal sphincter. To be sure that the electrode stays in one place, the probe is stick to nose with some tape. The probe is connected to recorder (300 g device) which is attached to the patient’s belt during the examination (as in case of the holter monitoring). The device is registering PH in the end part of oesophagus every 4 seconds through 24 hours. During this examination the patient should simulate his regular, daily activities.

Due to risk of breaking a device (by soaking) taking shower or bath during the examination is strictly prohibited. You should be very careful to avoid breaking PH-meter. You should avoid telephone talks during the examination and take a phone away of PH-meter. Meals should be eaten as always. Medications should be taken in accordance to recommendations of referring doctor.

For the best evaluation of results it is necessary to indicate beginning and end of a meal, beginning and end of taking a lying position and heartburn or chest pain occurrence with special buttons of the PH-meter and in the patient’s diary. After 24 hours of the examination, the probe is removed and data from the device are transmitted to the computer, which evaluates the result with use of special software.


Success of medical examination and its complete safety cannot be guaranteed by any doctor, however there are no serious complications’ evidence in case of 24-hour oesophageal PH monitoring.

Multi-use probes are disinfected before and after each examination. It is high-level disinfection which eliminates vegetative forms of bacteria, viruses (HBV, HCV, HIV) and fungi. 


Before the examination:

  • recently taken medications
  • Nose breathing problems, diagnosed nasal polyps
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Scleroderma or other connective tissue diseases (collagenosis)
  • Any medical procedures on oesophagus and stomach.
  • Smoking cigarettes, alcohol abuse

During the examination:

  • You have to write down time and circumstances of any affliction


How to behave after the examination?

This examination do not have any special follow up activities.

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