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Basic information

Capsule endoscopy is medical procedure allowing to visualise interior of the small intestine to diagnose and treatment of abnormalities.

A procedure is conducted with use of CapsoCam-SV1 device equipped with four micro cameras, which take pictures of gastrointestinal tract walls.

The capsule is pill-sized and therefore easy to swallow.

During passing through the gastrointestinal tract the capsule takes thousands of pictures, what allows to obtain more detailed image of the intestine than during endoscopy.


This procedure is charged as private.


Indications for the procedure:

The capsule endoscopy makes it possible to evaluate scale of a medical condition of the small intestine and helps to monitor treatment’s effects in some chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract. The capsule can also be used to get information about motility of digestive tract, including the exact time of passing through the stomach or the small intestine. The endoscopy capsule is an efficient diagnostic instrument in case of patients with suspicion of small bowel disease indicated by chronic diarrhoea, unexplained abdominal pain, loss of weight, anaemia with iron deficiency or concealed haemorrhage from the digestive tract. The instrument can be also used when small intestine cancer is suspected.


Contraindications to the procedure:

• In case of suspected narrowing or fistula in the gastrointestinal tract (based on the previous clinical picture and performed examinations)

• In case of swallowing disorders

• Effectiveness and safety of the examination in pregnant patients have not been evaluated.


How long does the examination take?

The intake of the capsule lasts only a few minutes. The whole process of the examination, however, lasts about 72 hours.


How to make an appointment ?

To make an appointment for the capsule endoscopy call: + 48 34 324 55 26.

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