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(34) 324 55 26
+48 787 653 980

Basic information

The Gastroenterology Clinic for Adults offers services, which are either subject to applicable fees or provided free of charge under a contract with the National Healthcare Fund NFZ

Appointments to the Gastroenterology Clinic can be made:

► at phone number: 34 324 55 26

► in person at our registration desk

► via email : 

In order to enable us to present you most suitable date of visit, please indicate in an e-mail as many details as possible, i.a.:

·         If you would like commercial visit or these contracted with National Health Fund

·         Name of doctor to whom you want to register a visit

·         Date or time of the day which suits you most

·         Information how you prefer us to contact with you (via e-mail Or at phone number - in the other case enclose your phone number)


Those of you, who want to benefit from services conducted under contract with National Health Fund should have a referral to the Gastroenterology Clinic, which can be dispensed by:

·         A primary care physician

·         Other doctor providing services under a valid agreement with National Health Fund 

A referral is not the same thing as an emergency room or hospital discharge summary. If in a discharge summary there is any recommendation of further treatment, a referral to specialist should be prescribed by an attending physician.


The referral can be a basis of services under a contract with National Health Fund only in one medical unit.

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