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Basic Information

Purpose of the examination:

The examination’s goal is to reveal or to exclude Helicobacter Pylori infection. HP infection can cause gastritis, peptic ulcers etc. Rapid urease test is a not-invasive method.

Indications for an examination:

-often heartburns

-discomfort after meal

-abdominal pain

-resistance for adequate peptic ulcers treatment

-recurrent peptic ulcers

-complications of peptic ulcer disease e.g. bleeding of gastrointestinal tract

-patients before or after specialist initial gastrological examinations and patients before or after peptic ulcer disease treatment’s termination


Pregnant and breast feeding women and children under 18 also can be diagnosed with use of stable isotope of carbon 13C.

Advantages of the examination:

-fully painless and safe for health

-safe for pregnant women

-fast (30 minutes) procedure

-100% accuracy

-next day results

-skilled and kind personnel

-possibility of gastroenterologist’s consultation in our Gastroenterology Clinic

-test has certificate and Polish registration giving permission of its use in diagnostic procedures

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