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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Hypertension is a medical condition considerably boosting mortality rate and also one of most common and dangerous risk factor of the human circulatory system diseases.

-Hypertension is very widespread disorder.

-It affects about 55% of adult’s population.

-Its prevalence puts us off our guard.

-Not treated or treated in inappropriate way it leads to serious complications, which frequently are reason of: a cerebral infarction, a cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, ishaemic heart disease, heart failure, nephropathy, renal failure, an aortic aneurysm, symptomatic arteriosclerosis of the lower extremities, retinopathy, papilledema.
Considering that a lot of factors may influence blood pressure measurement (e.g. emotions of a medical examination) a single one examination do not settle diagnosis of blood pressure disorders. Therefore the most effective and more frequent  method used for blood pressure disorders diagnosis is ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.


ABPM is a diagnostic examination, which means automatic, twenty-four-hour monitoring of arterial blood pressure with a special device consisting of an arm cuff connected to the recorder. Correct values of blood pressure are different according to daytime in which they were collected. Values above 130/85 mmHg in a daytime and above 120/80 mmHg at night are anomalous. The average value of twenty-four-hour blood pressure is also measured during an examination.

Indications for ABPM:

-significant blood pressure changeability

-suspected “white coat hypertension”

-need for substance for ambiguous decisions about treatment

-evaluation of nocturnal hypertension

-evaluation of drug-resistant hypertension


-evaluation of efficacy of twenty-four-hour pharmacotherapy

-diagnosis and monitoring of hypertension treatment during pregnancy

-evaluation of symptomatic hypotonia

If you suffer from arterial hypertension (changeable, vicious, non-uniform, nocturnal, drug-resistant, rapid changes of blood pressure, hypotension, headaches and swims), if you have arterial hypertension and you are after heart attack or stroke and additionally suffer from: diabetes, obesity, overweight, palpitations or you have hypertension in family history make an appointment for 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

ABPM is an examination which assures appropriate choice of hypertension therapy and proper time of drugs administration.

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