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(34) 324 55 26 (Poradnie)
+48 787 653 980 (Centrum Endoskopowe)
+48 881 655 677 (Program 3P)

Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition is one of the main activities of human, which gives him an ability to maintain basic life functions by supplying the organism with adequate substances. We have to bear in mind that the diversity of food and motivations of its producers do not always consider the consumers’ health. In the result we experience more diet-dependant diseases than it was a few decades ago. Obesity, diabetes, arterial hypertension and cancer are the scourges of 21st century because inappropriate diet is one of the risk factors in case of those illnesses.


NZOZ INTER-MED, as it take care of the gastrointestinal system comprehensively, offers also the dietician’s advice. This kind of consultation is recommended if:

  • You are obese and you want to lose weight
  • You are skinny and you want to gain weight
  • You have a diet-dependent disease
  • You have a medical condition, symptoms of which can be reduced with appropriate diet
  • You want to know how to eat to be strong and healthy
  • You want to get to know the appropriate diet for your whole family.


These are the steps you ought to take in order to get complete satisfaction with the visit:


1. Call and make an appointment – phone: + 48 506 805 161 or 48 34 324 55 26

2. Prepare for a visit:

  • Write down your menu of last three days, considering time of: wake-up, meals, going to bed. Describe composition of your meals and their size. Don’t forget to write about any medications and diet supplements you take.
  • Perform the complete blood count, lipid profile (LDL, HDL, triglycerides, total cholesterol), glucose, haemoglobin, iron, aspAT, ALT and ESR tests.

If you had any other examinations, bring your results with you.

3. First Visit:

(1 -1,5 hours)

During the firs visit

  • Dietician will take your medical, nutrition and dietary history
  • You will have anthropometric measurement taken (weight, height)
  • You will get your blood results evaluated
  • You will get your way of nutrition evaluated
  • You will have your goals and treatment stages established
  • You will get your initial education
  • You will recognise your nutrition mistakes
  • You will be informed about the way of nourishment until you get your individual menu

4. Second Visit

(in the one week from the first visit)

Duration: 1 hour

During the second visit dietician

  • Will perform your anthropometric measurements once again
  • Will give you the concept of your individual diet: 7 days menu or 14 days menu (according to your wish)
  • Will answer all questions about your new menu

The menu is composed to meet your:

  • Taste preferences
  • Your budget
  • Your individual needs and dietary possibilities

5. Follow up visits

The follow up visits should be arranged every two weeks. During those visits dietician:

  • Is performing your anthropometric measurements
  • Is answering all questions about your nutrition plan
  • Can modify your menu


It is common knowledge that healthy and rational nutrition is healthy and satisfied YOU!





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