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Basic Information

Goal of the histopathology consultations is:

·         To diagnose

·         To give the prognosis

·         To recommend treatment

·         To give further diagnosis recommendations

There are a lot of reasons which led us to beginning of Histopathology Emergency. The most important of them are:

-to many patients out of gastroenterology clinic do not get appropriate recommendations

-many results of examinations, stay not taken away by patients. They sometimes include important information, also about precancerous conditions.

-misinterpretation of inflammatory bowel diseases descriptions

We want to emphasize that histopathological-clinical consultations is a way of highly specialist consultations, interpretations and further procedures recommendations and is not a clinic which occupies with treatment or diagnosing.


To attend histopathological-clinical consultations you should have with you:

1.       Results of histopathology examinations

2.       Endoscopy results - gastroscopy/colonoscopy/proctoscopy (the examination description)

3.       Discharge form from the hospital (if you have one)

4.       ID card

5.       Previous examinations descriptions (if you had any)

6.       Results of tumor marker tests (if you have any)

Poradnie Specjalistyczne

Poradnie Specjalistyczne

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Centrum Endoskopowe

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